Energy and Power Systems

The goal for any power generation / transmission / distribution utilities is to reduce the risk of breakdown and increase the asset life. We provide remote monitoring and analysis of the vital components enabling a preventive and timely maintenance and also provide status reports and alerts.

Managing and ensuring productivity in renewable energy are the utmost challenges apart from installing a reliable plant. We provide IoT based monitoring to enable analyse the generation over the period of time and provide reports and alerts. We also supply customized standalone solar power plants.

The monitoring of batteries is very crucial to ensure that they deliver required outputs and get maximum out of their lifecycle by diagnostic health checks. We provide Battery Management System for crucial diagnostic information and extend the life of the batteries, reducing O&M costs.

Metal, Mining & Material

Metal industries have tremendous scope for IoT and AI application based solutions such as Automation & Controls, Drive Systems, Condition monitoring systems, Predictive risk mitigation and Asset management systems.

Ranging from Raw material handling systems to Finishing Mills / Lines, the technology used in Metal applications have wide range of PLC, DCS, HMI, Level-1 & Level-2 automations systems.

IoT offers best solutions for above benefits, when interfaced with Automation controls. We have technology and solutions to mitigate the potential risks that are associated with these challenges.

Water Mangement

Water resource management is the activity of planning, developing, distributing and managing the optimum use of water resources - three main sources of water: groundwater, surface water and rainwater.

We provide remote monitoring and alerts in the distribution of water to small communities from a common source of water. We also provide the control systems for the water treatment plants.


Logistics infrastructure development plays a very key role in ensuring the Field to Market & Farm to Fork concept of delivering the produce in shortest possible time with least logistics costs. We offer IoT based solutions which can maximize the return on capital by monitoring critical temperature, humidity, power, produce movement tracking and thereby ensuring quality produce reaches the destination market, through following.

- Cold Storage monitoring Systems - Building management systems - Solar power plant and its management - Material Handling monitoring system


Railways is a vast network with large number of assets like locomotives, coaches and immovable assets. We provide IoT based asset monitoring system providing the health of a locomotive and status alerts.

In addition we also offer IoT based solutions for Battery Monitoring Systems for the coaches and the signalling system. We also offer standalone Solar PV plants and equipment monitoring systems at the stations.


We provide BPO services such as call centres for information and maintenance, back end services, marketing and sales call centres, Data analytics services.

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