IoliTix in a Nutshell

IoliTix is the IT consulting company with a vision of participating in energy management solutions for manufacturing companies and discrete industries, supported by strong expertise from Industrial Automation and Telecom domains.

With rich experience in automation systems for plant monitoring and process control applications covering a wide range of systems for Power, Steel and non-metallic industries and product development expertise for Wireless systems, we are in a position to club the advancements taking place in the wireless technology and provide services for the world of Internet of Things.


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Our Solutions

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  • Cold storage systems

    Cold Storage remote monitoring & Control

    Cold Storages Facts These are established to provide a controlled temperature, humidity..Read More

  • Battery Monitoring system

    Battery Management

    Battery Facts - Battery is the most critical component in the complete energy system. Any battery string..Read More

  • Solar PV systems

    Solar PV asset management

    Our Solution provides Optimize operation and maintenance of Solar PV installation, Diagnose performance issues..Read More

  • Standalone Solar Power Plants

    Standalone Solar Power Plants

    Solar PV plant facts - Design of plant heavily depends on insolation, which varies as per Time of year..Read More

  • Industrial Process Automation

    Industrial Process Automation

    Automation facts - forays at five levels addressing specifically Measurement/signal devices & actuators, embedded ..Read More

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